Private Sessions

The list of reasons to receive coaching ranges from wanting to be a more persuasive public speaker, to preparing for audition or competition, to wanting a safe forum for physical and vocal expression. We establish goals together and build a practice that is suited to your life and stage of development. The work will be scary, sometimes silly, often illuminating, and always collaborative.

To inquire about private sessions, reach out by phone or email, or fill out the contact form.

Shawn Ladd, Actor

"I hadn't raised my voice in song since I was a kid in Mom's church choir when I was invited to audition for an original musical. In three weeks' time, Leah had me not just singing the number, but performing it, with strong character and good scene work. Yeah - I got the part."

Sliding Scale Fee Structure

In touting the importance of providing everyone with a chance to explore their unique voice, I also recognize that this kind of training is an expense not all can afford. Therefore, I offer a set number of mid-level and lower-level session slots to those who may have difficulty covering the full fee. This image is a helpful tool in identify where you might fall on the scale. The private session fees are as follows:


Full Fee: $65/hr fee plus 75% of studio rental (typically total of $75)


Mid-Level: 75% of fee plus 50% of studio rental (typically total of $56.25)


Lower-Level: 50% of fee plus 50% of studio rental (typically total of $40)


I’m also delighted to trade for whatever skills or goods you are gifted with!